Rye ‘n’ Clover

City: Ithaca, New York

What is a topic that fascinates you?

I’m very fascinated by the plant world— the sort of emotional, experiential, subjective side of plants. I see the world as being interconnected, and I’ve always thought about it that way. Then every once in a while, there will be these scientific discoveries, you know, like “turns out that the trees in the forest are actually communicating with each other.” Traditional cultures around the world always had people in their community that spoke to plants. That’s where a lot of traditional knowledge comes from for medicine. But then the scientific community will discover something that traditional people have known all along, like “scientists discover that roses are actually medicine for the heart” and in my mind it’s like “Oh well, thank you Captain Obvious for sharing that discovery” because it just seems like these things are traditional knowledge. People are able to communicate with plants. Plants are able to communicate with people. There’s a language in the world all around us that’s a lot deeper than the technology of words, of alphabet, and communication that we think of as being so advanced— our media, and our writing in our books.

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