Mariana Echeverría, Passiflora

City: San Jose, Costa Rica

How did you come to be a musician?

It just happened in a crisis. I was depressed and trying to get myself together, and I decided to start playing guitar because it was a healthy way to get rid of the anxiety that I was feeling. And I started playing almost 8 hours a day, and after 2 weeks, I was playing a song. After three months, I was playing a bunch of covers at parties. And after a couple of years, I was writing songs. But it took me about a year to show them to people. It saved me because I was going through a hard time and it’s always been a good way of turning difficult experiences into something that could be celebrated somehow.

What do you think about more than anything else these days?

Well, I’ve always thought about love a lot. I think I’m kind of an incurable romantic kind of person. I can’t help it but I think about love a lot— I think about romantic love a lot. My parents are soul mates, and I’ve always had this illusion — I put this kind of love very high place.

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